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Tips for Your Wedding 8 and 7 months before

Monday, 24 February, 2014

Tips for Your Wedding 8 and 7 months before



First test- During this month it is important that you ask your designer or designer performing the first test of the wedding dress . Must not forget the shoes. Invite your maid of honor to accompany you.

Bridesmaid- Choose your dress and bridesmaid accessories.

Rings- Start looking for the rings. Compare styles and prices of the models that you see in jewelry with which you can find online. Try them before you decide. Remember that it is something that you’ll use throughout life.

Tips for Your Wedding 8 and 7 months before

Florist- Meet with the officers of the company selected flowers and discuss with them your ideas for wedding themes and styles. Come to the meeting informed . Make a preliminary internet search and review journals and photographs for inspiration .



Final Review – Meet with your wedding planner and review step by step all the details.

Ladies- Communicate to all the ladies and gentlemen (if any) evidence locker and Give them cards with the days and times to be carried out. This way no one will miss the appointment.

Godparents – Meet with your sponsor and determines their wardrobe. You can ask for a particular color or style.

Dresses of the pages- Choose dress and flower girl attire to take small rings.

Invitations- Determines the layout, text , font and paper for invitations cards and letters of thanks. Select a good printing and sort them.

Hotel guests- It’s time to negotiate with the chosen hotel . Reserve a section or floor of the hotel for all your guests are together.


Tips for Your Wedding 8 and 7 months before

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Tips for your wedding 9 months before

Saturday, 22 February, 2014

Tips for your wedding 9 months before


Gifts – Visit some department stores that are done to your liking and gift lists . Note that not all guests have the same purchasing power . Be sure to register gifts with a wide range of prices.

Coordination – Contact all your wedding suppliers for your chosen theme can be incorporated into all aspects of your party.

Reception – Decide with your partner the food and booze to be served during the reception.

Tips for your wedding 9 months before

Tips for your wedding 9 MONTHS BEFORE

Songs List – Make a selection of songs for the reception. This way you give the DJ to know your musical tastes and avoid surprises.

Headdress, veil , gloves and shoes – all these accessories Choose carefully and try to do more tests. A decisive turn arrange them .

Guest Book – Search for airline tickets and hotel reservations for guests again. Prices may have gone down. Having decided on the hotel and airlines , comes with reservations.

Tips for your wedding 9 months before


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Tips for your wedding 10 months ago

Friday, 21 February, 2014

Tips for your wedding 10 months ago


Catering Selection – Last month we dedicate to interview companies catering and taste their dishes. It is time to leave a deposit to the company that has met all your expectations.


Helpers – Identifies some friends or family to help , advise and advise . Listen to them all , but the last word should always be yours .


Wedding official – Interview with the person in charge of officiating your wedding with your partner and discuss the terminology and words you want to use during the ceremony. They are always open to change. Do not be afraid to ask for what you want . Your ceremony must be as you dreamed .


Honeymoon – Determines your partner the budget for the honeymoon and identifies the place you wish to visit .


Tips for your wedding 10 months ago

Wedding Dress – It’s time to decide and order it.

Tips for your wedding 10 months ago


Permits – If the wedding is to take place in a park, recreation area or on the beach, it is important to get the permits .


Groomsmen and bridesmaids – Singles and groomsmen and bridesmaids with them clarifies its role in the ceremony.


Exercise – If you are not yet registered, Record any gym and ask a trainer to organize them a couple routine . They have enough time to work and tone the body while. They are the protagonists of the wedding should look and look radiant .


Tips for your wedding 10 months ago

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Tips for your wedding 11 Months ago

Thursday, 20 February, 2014

Tips for your wedding 11 Months ago


Select wedding organizer – Once you’ve interviewed several wedding planners , it’s time to make a decision . Hire one and begins to argue with him all the details.


Determine theme and decorations – It is important that you define with the organizing of your wedding theme and decorations you want for the reception.


Catering – Set appointments with different caterers and requests tastings . You have to be certain that what you are going to serve at your wedding is of good quality.


Tips for your wedding 11 Months ago

Tips for your wedding 11 Months ago

Musicians and DJ – Define who will be responsible to encourage your wedding reception . Choose the music of the ceremony and performed a preliminary list of items for the party.


Cameraman and photographer – After reviewing the videos and photographs of the professionals consulted , signing a contract with the block you selected to date. Make a list of the photos you ‘d like to make your ideas and consultation with professionals.


Flowers – Start interviewing and identify companies that are dedicated to create floral arrangements for weddings . Calls budgets.


Ceremony – Call the venue for the ceremony and determines the time for the tests .


Reception – Define the place, negotiating the contract and leave a deposit to reserve the date chosen .


Reservations for guests – there are always family and / or friends who are displaced from their homes to attend the big day. Start searching for prices and airline tickets for family and closest friends .


Shop wedding dresses – Visit local shops and begin testing the designs that please you . It is important that you go identifying the style that fits your personality.


Tips for your wedding 11 months ago

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Tips for planning your wedding

Wednesday, 19 February, 2014

Tips for planning your wedding 12 Months Before the wedding


Announcement of Engagement – If you have not been announced, it is important that family and friends are aware of the wedding. They can notify by a formal reception with a simple phone call or an advertisement in the local newspaper. The important thing is that everyone knows when is the Big Day

Choosing a wedding theme and style – It’s time to sit down with your partner to determine the style of the wedding. They will have to reach agreement with respect to location and style. It may be a traditional wedding or a casual ceremony on the beach but both should be happy with the idea.

Tips for planning your wedding

Tips for planning your wedding

Budget – Having decided on the theme and style of the wedding is very important to determine the budget and financial responsibility for the costs . Who will pay for the wedding? Do parents of both Contribute ? Everyone involved should meet for a real budget . It is very important that we all will arrive on a particular number for sticking to it throughout the process . Thus surprises and shocks are avoided.

Guests – pencil and paper in hand you have to start scoring people you want to invite. Four lists should be done: the bride , the groom and the families of both. Subsequently the four lists will be combined to create a final fifth .

Explore – Start visiting churches , temples , synagogues and chapels , according to the religion you practice . After completing the visits booking date. It is important that you do it in advance. Demand is usually high and probably want to keep the chosen date with your partner.

Wedding Magazines – It is important that you begin to identify the styles of dress that you like to look . You can do this through magazines or websites of your favorite designers.

Wedding planners – Interview at least three wedding planners . Ask them for references and budget.

Research professionals ‘ Remember that you’ll need a cameraman , photographer , DJ or musical groups playing and encourage the party. Entrevístate with them and review their tapes , recordings and photos.

Tips for planning your wedding

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Mariah Carey debuts video filmed in Naguabo

Tuesday, 18 February, 2014

Mariah Carey debuts video filmed in Naguabo


Enjoy the rivers and the flora of El Yunque. Look


Mariah Carey debuts video filmed in Naguabo



U.S. singer Mariah Carey released the video Thursday for her song “You’re Mine (Eternal),” the first single from his new album The Art of Letting Go and was filmed in Naguabo, Puerto Rico.

The film shows the singer wearing a golden wings dipped in a river and wandering between the flora of Anvil.

The singer shot the video last January 23 where a group of Puerto Rican technicians, including set designers and lighting, had worked tirelessly during yesterday everything was ready for the time of submission of the former judge on the set of American Idol.

Then to El Nuevo Día sources claimed that the singer they established among other requirements and conditions, that no production crew could photograph, let alone approach him speak to him or stare.


Marc Anthony turns on NY

Monday, 17 February, 2014

Marc Anthony turns on NY


New York – A true thermal shock caused tonight singer Marc Anthony in the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York , where he neutralized low temperatures with the end of his tour ” Live my life ” to the sound of those considered as salsa classics as ” it was worth it ” or “Living ours” .


As the great divas , Marc Anthony took the stage between the fervor of thousands of fans, wearing sunglasses and needing only a movement of hips to rock a mostly Latino audience , that “My people ,” as the artist also sing today Puerto Rican borrowing theme Hector Lavoe.


Image by Matthew Sancho Cardiel / EFE

Marc Anthony turns on NY


Marc Anthony turns on NY


But unlike other big stars of today’s music , Anthony did not need a particularly sophisticated scenario (one circular platform to reach all audiences) , or mass choreography and artistic projections to captivate .


A small , thin man with enormous charisma and enough left over to charge behind two-hour concert with little rest. An atypical leading man who was able to marry two of the most beautiful Latinas : Jennifer Lopez and Dayanara Torres.


It all started with the first chords of ” I need to know” , one of his great successes of 1990 , many years before his latest album ” 3.0″ , which has promoted with a tour that began in August in Medellin ( Colombia ) and closing his American stage with this concert.


“And there was someone,” the first ballad of the night, and ” Until yesterday ,” seemed to indicate a chronological criterion in the selection of repertoire, while Anthony was removing his sunglasses, half opening her jacket and unbuttoning his shirt. Even some fan pretending to tell the phone to call him after the concert.


But the singer began to jump in time after calling at such famous songs as ” It was worth it ” or ” Flying between kisses ,” well into the twenty-first century , or nearly initiation hits like ” Upstream ” .


His impeccable vocal performance reached a pinnacle with another of his most famous songs now, “Living our thing,” and rescued the song from José Luis Perales “How is he ? ” Which featured on his album tribute to his favorite singers ” Icons ” .


” How much is the sky ? ” From their compilation album ” I’m still me ,” or ” I know you well ” continued to maintain the high energy level of a concert in which Anthony , although not allowed a break , it does was giving some moments of individual brilliance of musicians , from the violin to the battery through the metal wind equipment .


So when I gave apparently closed the concert with said “My people ” from her film ” The Singing ” left for the encore ” Your love makes me well ” and how could it be otherwise , “Living My Life ” the declaration of intentions and individuality of someone who has spent over two decades singing tribulations of love .


Marc Anthony turns on NY


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Enrique Iglesias romantic and sensual at the opening in Puerto Rico

Saturday, 15 February, 2014

Por Mariela Fullana Acosta /



Enrique Iglesias romantic and sensual at the opening in Puerto Rico


The Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias started his musical tour Sex and Love on Friday at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico , where I fell in love and seduced thousands of couples who gathered at this event that coincided with the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

The interpreter , who was almost three years did not show up on the island, I was delirious their fans , especially the women , some that did not stop screaming throughout the concert which lasted one hour and 45 minutes.

With a trembling voice, Iglesias did his singing around 15 songs and energetic dance seductively . Production was striking , but not impressive. Although charismatic and friendly with the audience , the artist often fell into repetition , moving from side to side on stage, dancers, unaccompanied by some other element that would give vitality and rhythm to the show.

The concert started at 9:15 pm with a performance by Katherine Alexander , who was in charge of the opening ceremony to perform three tracks, including the song Put It In A Kiss. But before he left and Enrique Iglesias appeared as if by magic , the very Charytín Goyco to enliven the audience and say that soon would rise to the stage the star of the night .
Enrique Iglesias started his musical tour in Puerto Rico

The Spanish singer appeared at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico
At 10:00 pm the hearing was finally reunited with the Spanish interpreter when three giant screens lit up and Enrique Iglesias came from a lifting platform soon on stage to play his new single promotion, I’m a Freak , which appear in his new bilingual album Sex and Love , which will be released on March 18 .

Dressed casually, with his trademark jeans, black t -shirt color and cap showed the artist on this tour comes loaded with a powerful band I managed to turn the public.

” Puerto Rico , everybody up ,” said vocalist making infect people with this first issue, which prevailed electronic sound .

The same energy would continue with the songs I Like How It Feels and Dirty Dancer , Enrique Iglesias in which he used the technology of a prerecorded video to sing along with the U.S. Usher.

“How is San Juan tonight? Okay? Thank you for being here tonight . Thanks to Mr. Alarcón and ( radial) SBS group for all you have done for us here in this beautiful island and throughout the United States. Thank you all and happy Valentine’s Day to all couples who are here tonight. for tonight going back to 1998 , “said Enrique Iglesias to make way for the first ballad of the evening, success will never forget , hummed the audience from beginning to end .

The concert was a great time , but certainly one of the best was when Yandel – Puerto Rican duo Wisin & Yandel – came on stage to sing a duet with Spanish interpreter song Do not say no.

” How many men there tonight? Let men stand … It’s the first time I have 50 percent of men and 50 percent women . ‘s Have fun , now everyone standing , come ” said vocalist then inviting Yandel onstage.

After this, flamenco guitars sounded to give way to the song Bailamos , in which the artist interacted with the audience and showed her sensual side .

Later come the humorous moment of the night when Enrique Iglesias invited a couple on stage . The lovers made ​​the audience laugh and the artist himself with his jokes and sense of humor. While the bride lunged singer, boyfriend stood with arms crossed , watching the whole scene without the slightest encouragement.

” Luis you ca … ” I said at one point the artist boyfriend , who did his on stage to take water bottle vocalist and even dance with his girlfriend , while Enrique Iglesias sang Loser and Loco.

After that moment of laughter, the Spanish interpreter returned to their uptempo songs with

Finally Found You, Be With You, I Like It and Escape with which placed close to a concert that did not have great figures invited as expected.

Enrique Iglesias will continue its course with the tour “Sex and Love” at Madison Square Garden in New York, where he will perform tomorrow, Saturday.

Enrique Iglesias romantic and sensual at the opening in Puerto Rico

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