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There is nothing better than a night bohemian style to the music of trios in Puerto Rico. Infinito Productions is pleased to offer the most recognized recruiting trios of Puerto Rico: The Trio Songbooks, Trio Trio Images and Voices of Bohemia Milenio.Musica in Puerto Rico Trios, Trios, and music of yesterday in Puerto Rico, Trios Boleros for weddings and parties in Puerto Rico, the best trios of Puerto Rico, Trios bohemian boleros music in Puerto Rico.

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Our Artists in the category of music and Trios

Trío Voces del Milenio

Trío Imágenes

Trío Los Cancioneros

Julito Rodríguez

Lilly y su gran trío

Los Andinos

Trío Cacíques

Los Cancioneros

Los Condes

Los Favoritos

Los Hispanos


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Videos of some of our Trios groups in Puerto Rico



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