Cuban Son and Salsa in Puerto Rico


Cuban son and salsa in Puerto Rico, a fusion of rhythms and tropical flavors. Infinito Productions is pleased to introduce our talents Puerto Rico Salsa and Son Cubano. Over 10 years of experience have taught us that the sauce has the power to encourage an activity as any other genre of music can lograrlo.Orquestas Puerto Rico salsa, salsa band, Puerto Rico Salsa dance groups, groups for weddings and Salsa parties, salsa music for all occasions in Puerto Rico.

If you want your activity to be an unforgettable night full of dancing, singing and energy please call us now to request more information about our recruitment services group in Puerto Rico Salsa and Son Cubano.

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Our Artist





The strong interpretation and fusion of rhythms from the orchestra makes it one of the best salsa bands in Puerto Rico, between the rhythms they perform are: charanga, son, timba, salsa, between good dancing otros.Cuando concerned the PVC is the key.


Flavor of the Six Pack



Excellent taste and unique group within their repertoire are present the greatest hits of all time Fat Salsa Puerto Rico, New York and Cuba. “The same thing is that I play a guaracha” …. As the song says. The perfect choice for any celebration or activity.


Puppy Santiago



With his shock of Cuba and its tropical flavor, Puppy Santiago takes us to the indigenous music of the streets of Havana.


San Juan Habana




The flavor of this band is comparable to the Cuban project Buena Vista Social Club also salón. Their classic salsa and incomparable sound makes it one of the most recognized groups in Puerto Rico.


Videos of one of our groups of Cuban Son and Salsa in Puerto Rico


Other Groups of Cuban Son and Salsa in Puerto Rico


Adalberto Santiago
Andy Montañés
Bobby Pérez
Bobby Valentín
Cano Estremera
Charlie Cruz
Del Sur al Norte – Julito Alvarado
Domingo Quiñones
Don Periñón
El Gran Combo de PR
El Sabor de PR – Sammy García
Gilberto Santa Rosa
Ismael Miranda
Jerry Rivera
Jesús Cepeda y su grupo ABC
José Alberto “El Canario”
Juan José Hernández & San Juan Habana
La India
Larry Harlow
Michael Stuart
Moncho Rivera
Orquesta Homenaje Héctor Lavoe
Orquesta Homenaje Frankie Ruiz
Orquesta Caminando – Homenaje Rubén Blades
Orquesta Siglo XXI
Rafy Leavitt y La Selecta
Richie Ray y Bobby Cruz
Roberto Roena y su Apollo Sound
Sonora Ponceña
Tito Nieves
Tony Vega
Víctor Manuelle


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