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The talent does not stop. Rock music in Puerto Rico is one of the genres with more variety. This music is perfect for such activities need a little more energy and an audience ready to have fun, sing and dance. We have a variety of rock bands in Spanish and English, with a huge range of topics covering everything from classic rock, alternative rock, and rock contemporaneo.Bandas Rock en Puerto Rico, The best rock bands of Puerto Rico, Groups Spanish rock in Puerto Rico, covers bands in Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico rock bands.

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Our Artist





Rock band in Spanish and English, their repertoire covers all topics of rock hits, as well as dance music and Latin and South American genera. Excellent Puerto Rico Rock group highly recommended by our company.






Rock Band in Spanish, in addition to their repertoire of 80′s music, alternative rock and the successes of momento.Excelente rock band in Puerto Rico for all types of event. Highly recommended by our company.


Los Olgazanes





Rock band in Spanish and English, their repertoire covers all topics of rock hits, as well as dance music and other Latin genres and sudamericanos.Excelente group highly recommended by our company.





This band has been honored for three consecutive times and winning international level BeatleFest. You could say that is the best band in the world tribute to the Beatles. Puerto Ricans made up of musicians exclusively. Definitely unique!


Funky Groove



Excellent grouping that encompasses all the successes of the English and Spanish music from the 70′s and 80′s from disco music, rock, pop, salsa, merengue, ballads etc. Highly recommended for that activity where the musical variety must be present.


Vox Elektra



Great group, their repertoire is directed mainly to rock the 70′s in Spanish and English rock from the same era. Great for any activity in which to remember the case.


Charlie & the Groove







Amazing Rock Band, R & B, Pop, Smooth Jazz. His repertoire includes the most significant stages of music in English, the most outstanding successes of the 70′s and 80′s. Highly recommended by our company for this activity so special.


Danny Lloret & the Groove



From the rock of the 60′s to 80′s. This band is what we call “The Party Band” afinque and sound incredible. Excellent for any occasion and party where to remember those unforgettable years in question.


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Other rock artists in Puerto Rico

Black Guayaba
Cultura Profética
Diario Vivir
Fiel a la Vega
La Secta All Stars
La Banda de Toca de Tó
Los Rabanes
Los Rufianes
Millo Torres y El Tercer Planeta
Niño Planeta
Si Señor
Sol D Menta
The Jukebok – Tributo a los “Beatles
Viva Nativa
Zorro Viejo


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