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Merengue in Puerto Rico is key to any party and simply can not miss. Here at Infinito Productions we merengue orchestras global and local recognition. Artists like Melina Leon, Junny Ramos, Celine, Karis Group, Grupo Mateos enter others. Merengue groups in Puerto Rico, Merengue orchestras in Puerto Rico merengue groups for weddings and parties of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico Merengue, Salsa Bands and Merengue in Puerto Rico.


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Our Artist:


Grupo Mateos



Popular merengue group and incomparable flavor. If you have one of the best orchestras of merengue, here is your ideal alternative.





The famous merengue that never goes out of style with its incomparable sensuality and charisma. Another of our great alternatives to put the rich taste of your activity or dance.





The well-known merengue orchestra Zach, now stronger than ever, with its unique rhythm and flavor you bring all that strength and performance quality for the good dancer.





Classic merengue orchestra, all these meringues that were big hits once you merenclasic brings, in addition to bachata, boleros and salsa classic. The band that plays in to ‘. The perfect combination of music for any occasion.


Junny Ramos



With the interpretative power and the unique flavor of Junny Ramos and his Orchestra, is the perfect alternative to spice up the activity so special.


Melina León


The flavor and charm of this tropical music star makes it one of the best shows of the moment …. More details click on the live video of their presentations.


Videos of our merengue orchestras


Other Merengue Orchestras

Edwin Rivera
Elvis Crespo
Grupo Karis
Grupo Mambo
Grupo Manía
Grupo Riyko
Grupo Wao
Jessica Cristina
Joseph Fonseca
La Nueva Patrulla 15
Limi-T XXI
Los Sabrosos
Manny Mannuel
Melina León
Milly Quezada
Saxofones de Mayagüez
Zone D’Tambora


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