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Infinito Productions has a wide variety of bands and groups of Mariachis in Puerto Rico. With music for strings and a unique sound that can not be confused, it is a great choice for your actividades.Mariachis in Puerto Rico, Maraichis Serenade, Mariachis for weddings in Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico Mariachis, Mariachi Puerto Rico, the best Mariachi Puerto Rico.

Our mariachis play everything from boleros, rancheras, corridos and even popular music. A great choice for serenades, dinners and other activities that wish to offer a unique and unforgettable experience.


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Our Artist


Hugo Alejandro & Mariachi Acapulco





Excellence in the category of Mariachi our unique compania.El Hugo Alejandro along with Mariachi Acapulco.


Mariachi Viva Mexico



Extraordinary Mariachi, Mexico’s original. His repertoire includes all the Mexican traditional music, from corridos, rancheras, boleros, etc.


Mariachi Acapulco



Excellent Mariachi, consisting of mostly Mexican musicians. His repertoire consists of all the great successes of the Mexican music of all time. Another of our exquisite alternatives for mariachi music is concerned.


Mariachi Sierra Leona



This Mariachi in particular has been involved of great recordings with great figures of Mexican music and international, others extraordinary.


Mariachi Jalisco



The ideal alternative when puritito live the Mexican environment is concerned, from corridos, rancheras, boleros. Excellent choice for your business, reception, etc. serenade.


Videos of some of our mariachis


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