Jazz Groups in Puerto Rico


This genre of music, born in the United States, shows a delicious combination of genres and styles of modern music. His ability to mix with other styles of music make the Jazz, an excellent choice for its activities and celebrations.

Jazz in Puerto Rico has a loyal and exclusive roster of artists that give a unique flavor to their parts. The great thing about this genre is its ability to adapt to the environment of their activity, either one with an elegant or a casual party. Our jazz bands in Puerto Rico are to make your audience enjoy and have fun with the interpretive freedom that characterizes the music of jazz Jazz.Grupos Puerto Rico, Big Band and Jazz Orchestra in Puerto Rico, Trios and Quartets Jazz Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico Jazz Festival, Jazz Artists of Puerto Rico, Jazz Music for cocktails, weddings and parties in Puerto Rico.

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Our Artist


Pedro Guzman and Jibaro Jazz



Extraordinary jíbara band with influences of jazz, there really is not much to say about this group, simply … 


Jazz Assamble Band



Excellent jazz and big band. His repertoire includes the greatest hits of all time jazz, Brazilian music, funk, big band, etc. Great for celebrations, cocktails, conventions, weddings, special events, etc..





Guitar duo or piano and guitar, covering a varied repertoire and tasteful. The success of Brazilian music, jazz, smooth jazz, new age, funk music in addition to tropical. Great for receptions, cocktail parties, galleries, weddings, dinners etc.


Four Cats



Moncho Rivers and his band of funky jazz, great jazz group, encompassing a varied repertoire and tasteful. The greatest hits of jazz and funk. Great for cocktails, receptions, any special occasion or simply when to listen to good jazz is concerned.


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Other jazz groups in Puerto Rico

Charlie Sepúlveda and the Turnaround
Elías Lopez
Humberto Ramírez
Jíbaro Jazz
Jazz Traffic Jam
Ismael Rosario Jazz


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