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Infinito Productions is pleased to offer recruitment services flamenco music in Puerto Rico. This Spanish musical genre consisting of singing, guitar playing and dancing can give such different twist to their business.

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Services of flamenco music in Puerto Rico:


Our Artist





Extraordinary group of flamenco music in Puerto Rico: Its repertoire includes various styles of flamenco such as rumba, flamenco dancers, bulerias, tangos, etc. joys. Caribbean folk songs also. Excellent for any occasion


Al Son de Dos



Excellent Guitar Duo, their repertoire includes all the successes of flamenco music, Brazilian and Caribbean music with a touch always the roots of the mother country. 
Outstanding choice for a night of flamenco in Puerto Rico!


Rumba Flamenca



Excellent Music Group Flanders accompanied by a spectacular group of dancers, this group itself is a show. “We greatly recommend”


Flamenco Bulerías



This group so what the name says covers a wide range, standing between their styles: the bulería, Seville, flamenco, also has an exceptional ballet.


Videos of some of our flamenco groups:


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