Country music groups in Puerto Rico

Jibaro music and typical of the country. Infinito Productions knows the importance of the typical music of Puerto Rico and has a group of artists to take charge of giving great pleasure and taste that Boricua to their business.   Jibaro music to music in full, until the merger of dozens of different flavors of our country. We have everything you need to make your party a typical music éxito.Grupos in Puerto Rico, music groups and minstrels countrywoman in Puerto Rico, Musica Jibara of Puerto Rico, Troubadours of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rican Cuatro, cuatro from Puerto Rico , countrywoman musicians in Puerto Rico, Orchestras countrywoman music in Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico and its music countrywoman.   To learn more about our recruitment services typical music of Puerto Rico, call us now for a free consultation.   Also, do not forget to listen to some of our artists below and enjoy some of the typical music of Puerto Rico.

Our Artists


Pedro Guzmán & Jíbaro Jazz

  Extraordinary Jibaro music group with jazz influences, there really is not much to say about this group, simply outstanding!

Claudio and his group Prodigy

  From the mountain, with its incredible four virtuoso brings pure Puerto Rican flavor, from dances, Christmas bonuses, carousing.

Candido Reyes and Tropical Key

Excellent for others. Candido Reyes güirero the best in the world, brings the real roots of Puerto Rican Jibaro music. Simply Outstanding! A sample faithful to the traditional music of Puerto Rico.

Orlando Laureano (Atabal)

  It is the perfect blend of mountain music and full. Great for any dance activity.   Call us now for a free consultation. (787)210-5788

Videos of Country Music Groups


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