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The classical music of Puerto Rico may be the tool that his activities need to give a relaxed and elegant. Classical music is perfect for cocktails, weddings, receptions, ceremonies, among others … Classical music never loses its style is incredibly solemn and appreciated by our customers. The recommended! Classical music groups in Puerto Rico, Strings for weddings, wedding string music in Puerto Rico, Strings for weddings in churches in Puerto Rico, Music for cocktails and receptions in Puerto Rico, Music for the ceremony in the church.

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Our Artist


Cuatro Estaciones



String band suitable for weddings, ceremonies, receptions, art galleries etc. Composed of violinists graduates of the Conservatory of Puerto Rico. Great music for that special occasion.


Violines Gascot



Excellent violinist, accompanied by a pianist. Music for weddings, special celebrations, receptions and so on.


Piano Mágico



Excellent pianist with varied repertoire ballads, themes of yesterday, wedding music, classical music.


Guitarra Clásica


Extraordinary classical guitarist. Great for dinners, cocktail parties, weddings, special events, etc…


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Some videos of our groups of classical music

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