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 Monyo, Mikey and Pepi formed Candela Music in 2011. They met while working at a restaurant in Isla      Verde, Puerto Rico where they quickly discovered each other’s talents in music. Soon after, they started working together in their improvised studio to produce some music. Their differing influences resulted in a unique blend of styles.

Candela Music is an electro pop band with reggae; Latin, and hip-hop influences. Monyo, Mikey, and Pepi Candela uniquely blend local sounds, dance elements, and spontaneous melodies to express their love for fun and music. In summer of 2013, Candela Music created a jingle for a local company called “Groopanda” which placed a television ad with the jingle playing in the movie theaters of Puerto Rico and throughout various social networks. Candela Music continues to work on their new album titled: “So Natural” which they will be releasing soon.


Space Man

  • Space Man

For Your Love

  • For your love

Sex you Free

  • Sex You Free


Sex You Free


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